Physical Activity/Exercise

Goal: Walking

What: Walk

How Much: Around the PSC

When: before lunch

How Many: 1 day a week


Goal: Group Exercise

What: exercise in group

How Much: 15 minutes

When: 10:30 AM

How Many: 2 Days


Goal: Increase Physical Activity

What: walk

How Much: 15 min. @ minimum

When: between 3 and 9:30 PM

How Many: one time a week


Goal: Walking Club

What: Walk throughout Neighborhood

How Much: start @ ¼ of a mile

When: 2:00 – 2:30 pm Tue & Thur

How Many: 2 times a week


Goal: Physical Activity – Stretching

What: Do Stretching Activities

How Much: 30 Minutes

When: 2:00 PM

How Many: 2 Days Per Week


Goal: Walking club after lunch

What: prompt members to walk

How Much: 15 minutes

When: after lunch

How Many: everyday 5 x week


Goal: Indoor walking club

What: Indoor walking club

How Much: length of tape

When: Fridays at 1:00 PM

How Many: 1 x weekly


Goal: Increase Physical Activity

What: Wii fitness club

How Much: 1 Hour

When: 1:00 PM

How Many: Thursday


Goal: Increase Variety of exercise videos

What: use videos to exercise

How Much: 20 minutes

When: after class in afternoon

How Many: 2x/wk


Goal: Increase physical activity

What: set aside time for physical activity

How Much: 10 minutes

When: afternoon

How Many: 3 times this month


Goal: To increase physical activity

What: walk, outdoor games

How Much: 30 minutes

When: October, November

How Many: One time per time